Gary Alan Henson

The first use of a mechanical heart.

Naval Information

Things that define 1952

Gary was born in 1952, the same year as Jeff Goldblum, David Hasselhoff and  Christopher Reeve. 

​Wernher von Braun said we would soon explore the Moon and Mars.

Unemployment was at 3.3% and a first class stamp was 0.03 cents!

Gary served for almost 9 years in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine force as a Machinist Mate, Engineering Laboratory Technician and as an instructor at NTPU, Idaho Falls Naval Reactors Facility.

After his tour in the Navy, Gary eventually ended up as a software developer, learning 6800, 6502, Z80, Z8000 assembly languages and higher level languages like PL/M, C,  Visual Basic 6, C++, C#.

He is currently twiddling bits in Frisco, Texas for an outstanding health care integration company.

In his off time, Gary is trying to relearn the guitar, enjoys reading, writing and blogging about indie publishing.

He is also learning Lua while making games with the Corona SDK.

The keel for the USS Nautilus SSN 571 is laid. The Universe has a strange sense of humor, since I would spend 3 years as an instructor for the Nautilus Protoype in Idaho Falls, Idaho, 25 years later.

A native Texan's short biography.

Born and raised in Levelland, an area known for it's cotton fields, oil wells, tumble weeds, cattle ranches and hot dry summers. 

The US detonated a hydrogen bomb.