For the first time since becoming 'Partners' in the FTG Space Fleet, Arlo and Jake are separated and on their own. Their communication implants and Arlo's telepathy are worthless. Jake has lost his little buddy. 

'This is Arlo’s tale; Jake takes a back seat in this story, and Arlo does him proud. And an abandoned A.I, a renegade droid, and a few other friends also do Arlo proud. If you’ve read the other tales in the Arlo and Jake series, this book is a must.
Keep ‘em coming Gary!'

'Best one yet! The team is split up, but that doesnt stop Arlo's wit. Another fun read, hard to put down.'

Jack and his team created an Artificial Intelligence to run the 3D holo-room and the biogenetics laboratory. The Geek Squad can't resist adding a sexy avatar to interface with the AI.
Samantha, a beautiful psychic haunted by someone from Jack's past, needs his help to stop her nightmarish visions.
Jack must risk his life, using the AI and the laboratory to alter his senses and solve the mystery from his past. 
Sam and Jack discover that a cemetery is not always as quiet and deserted as it seems.

'I have to say that Gary Henson tells one hell of a story. On the surface this was a plain and simple fun read with plenty of ghost action thrown in. ... Deep down, however, ran the thread through which all of us, at some time in our lives no matter what our beliefs or lack thereof, stop to ponder. Sometimes it awakens us in the middle of the night or simply skims by during a related scene in a book or movie. Is there an afterlife, and if so, how does it work? Where do our souls go? Do souls, or are they really ghosts, linger for a time, finishing up business before moving on, setting wrongs to right, or passing on a final message or two?
Gary's premise that those who can communicate with the spirits are blessed with a special structure to their DNA, was unique, and then to suggest that a non-psychic individual's DNA could be altered to give them the power, really enriched the plot. Thanks, Gary, for bringing this story to us. I very much enjoyed it.'


Arlo and Jake Galactic Boot Camp continues our hero's adventures as they are sent to Camp Balator, a Federation of Thirteen Galaxies (FTG) boot camp, reserved for the cream of the crop recruits.  

'The serial novel is making a comeback and I'm thrilled. Gary Henson has created a fun and engaging storyline featuring some great characters. Jake, a lovable old curmudgeon who is conscripted into a galactic army and restored to youthful vigor, along with his telepathic sidekick, Arlo, a chameleon (how does Henson come up with this stuff?) had me laughing aloud.'

Gary Alan Henson

Arlo and Jake Enlist

Arlo and Jake Enlist is the first in the Arlo and Jake series of humorous SciFi adventure stories.

'Definitely a must read! Fun, exciting, and a classically written science fiction. Has great character dynamics, a great story line, and is a great read overall. I haven't been this excited about a Sci-Fi series since I was introduced to Card's 'Ender's Game' series, and I absolutely cannot wait for the books to come!'