Gary Alan Henson

When Alan and Lizzie travel to the ghost town of 'Hardscrabble', they are drawn to a special resting place, hidden in a small grove of aspen.
Why are there three graves locked behind a gate that cannot be opened. And why is there a tiny crumbling chapel next to theses plots?

'I thoroughly enjoyed Gary Henson's Etchings. His characters are sympathetic, his story is interesting and the scenery is well described. This story made me homesick for the mountains.'

Short Stories

Elenore Knightly is just starting her career as a clinical psychiatrist in Boulder, Colorado, taking over the practice of her friend and mentor, Ira Benham. 
Ira introduces her to a special couple, John and Samantha Wright. Samantha has slipped into a coma after a stroke.John is always by her side, holding her hand and reading to her. He seems at peace, saying that he and Samantha talk nightly in their dreams. They are ready for Samantha to leave, they are not afraid.
Elenore believes that their 'dream walking' is a coping fantasy that helps John deal with the imminent loss of his wife. But as John tells their story to Elenore, she begins to wonder.